Will to survive is instinctive. The ability is learned.

In modern society, it is likely you will be required to protect and defend yourself, or someone you know and love. Defensive Solutions provides you with the knowledge, skills and equipment to do so, both safely and effectively!

  • Firearm Instruction – from 5 feet to 500 yards, we will help you shoot better. Learn critical techniques to successfully run your pistol, shotgun, carbine or long rifle: malfunction recovery, trigger control, correct sight usage, shooting from retention, working from concealment, using cover. We also offer Illinois and Utah CCW certification classes!
  • Non-lethal Use of Force – people concerned with workplace, school, and church security are often interested in non-lethal force options. We specializes in OC (pepper spray), flashlights, and other related unarmed self-defense measures.
  • Women’s Self Defense – using proven combat / law enforcement models, like O.O.D.A. loop and Cooper’s Color Chart,  women learn threat recognition, situational awareness, verbal deterrence, reactionary distance, and practice a toolkit of powerful, focused strikes to escape common grabs, chokes, slaps, and related attacks.
  • Armorer Classes – learn the ins, outs, ups and downs of the Glock safe action pistol and the AR platform in our technician classes.
  • Firearm wound first response – learn how to use modern tourniquet, clotting agents, and other items in portable shooting response kits to save the life of a gunshot victim.
  • Custom consulting – what do you want to learn? Ask us. We can tailor custom training on a wide range of use of force topics. Church, workplace, realtors, school – we have experience and information to keep you safe, and are more than happy to consult with you.