Testimonials — See what our students have to say about their experiences training with us.


I’ve been to other training but nothing like this!

I’ve been shooting for decades but only with rifles until a few years ago when I spent a small fortune to attend a week of pistol training at what is purported to be the premier firearms training experience on the planet. Being new to handguns, it was helpful. BUT…A buddy of mine and I just finished many hours of private handgun training from Norm at Defensive Solutions. WOW! First up is safety, safety, safety. It was obviously a major focus in every session…no exception. No safety shortcuts. The range work was exceptional. Where we ended up was far beyond what I expected. What I got here was personal instruction and far, far superior than the time I spent in a class with 25 other people. Because there were only two of us, we were able to do things that could never be done safely in a large group, taking our skill level to places I never expected. I’ve taken other great classes from Defensive Solutions and they're exceptional. This private instruction puts the focus on you and developing your skills and is more affordable than you may think. I am confident you’ll get more than you pay for from Defensive Solutions. You’ll have highly skilled instructors with decades of military, tactical and law enforcement experience who are genuinely nice people; who will generously share their expertise and enjoy watching you improve. And one more thing. We had so much fun doing this! No doubt I’ll be back for more. Highly recommended! Norm & Pat,

Thank you! KL


I have taken a variety of classes taught by Norm Hood of Defensive Solutions, LLC. Norm is highly qualified from years of service in the Armed Forces and as an Alaskan State Trooper giving him real world experience and extensive training. Yet he still travels the country taking lessons from the best to keep himself at the top of his game.

I had never held or shot a gun before I took his Women’s Only Defensive Handgun 1 & 2 classes. His teaching style is very thorough and patient. Norm has a high regard for safety and I walked away understanding a firearm, proper stance, grip, sight alignment, how to safely handle a gun and when it is appropriate to use it. I have continued to practice with Norm to improve my shooting skills and confidence.

Mary Dunfee


Get Your Guard Up – Personal Safety Course Testimonials:

Extremely informative, real life examples!” – Ann Davidson-Dolgos, Coldwell Banker Roth Wehrly Graber

Excellent segment, highly recommended for women and men!” – Stephanie Whitaker, Meridian Title Corporation

“Norm was awesome, on point & provided information very important and relatable to the real estate profession.” – Marva-Leoanrd-Dent, Weichert Jim Dunfee & Associates

“I’ve been in a couple classes of Norm and learn something new each time.” – Carrie Taylor, Cressy & Everett

“I feel a lot more confident about safety & techniques for self-defense. Great class.” – Marisol Bonilla, Century 21 Scheetz

“I recommend this course to everyone. I learned a lot I didn’t even think about. I now am more aware of being prepared for any situation.” – Angela Jasinski, Re/Max 100


“Norm and Brian, 

Thank you for sharing your many years of training with us. It brought me great comfort to watch my mom and daughters learn how to defend themselves in case we were ever attacked. On the way there they said “what are we going to do for four hours” and after the night was over I felt like there was still not enough time to take in all your knowledge and practice everything we learned. They said to me afterwards and said it was fun and now we know what to do . We appreciate the extra time and care that you put into each of your students to prepare us and to give us new avenues to explore to further our training and awareness.
I now feel more confident knowing we have the knowledge we need, to not be worried we wouldn’t know what to do. God gave us the tools, you showed us how to use them! THANK YOU!!
Also, please tell Pat “thank you” for talking me through the registration process and getting us to the dojo. This truly is a team effort and we can feel how passionate you all are to help us learn from you to empower us!”

With great appreciation and our sincere gratitude, Gina, Hannah, Lauren Toepp Jeanette Albert


“Thank you for all your help and patience instructing me how to operate my revolver. You do an excellent job teaching the pistol class, and it was very informative. The time just wen too fast… I wasn’t ready to stop shooting. I was so excited and full of new knowledge that I just couldn’t sleep. This class has made a lasting impression on me that I will be able to use for several year.”

— P.D.


“Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for hosting the Dave Spaulding class at Kodiak. It was a pleasure to meet you and get to shoot at the range. My friend Josh Haines told me that you would be quite a shooter and he was right. I am sorry that neither one of us earned that coin. Maybe next time.”


— Mike S.


“Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome job you guys did with Roberta. She had only shot a couple of times in her life and knew nothing about reloading or how to run the gun. She is now confident and enjoyed her time with you, Pat, and Pam. She wants to continue practicing and learning more.”

— Daniel B.


“Their defensive handgun course is wonderful. They are very straight with there teaching of this class, and safety and understanding is a must. Thank you , I look forward to taking your advanced classes.”

— Neganasinokwe S.


“Just wanted to say again that I really enjoyed your Glock class. It was great to have someone walk me through the internal workings of my pistol. I went into the shop this afternoon and signed up for your May Intro class and can’t wait.

Thanks again”

— Mark W.


“Just a quick note to thank you for taking me into your class and making me feel comfortable, despite being the ‘odd-woman’ out with my revolver. I learned a lot from you and look forward to improving my skills and learning even more.”

— Hope


“Having never shot a gun before, I was very apprehensive and nervous during my first class. Norm is a very thorough and patient instructor. I felt very comfortable and confident by the end of the class. I would recommend taking any of Norm’s classes in order to prepare for the unknown.”

— J. H.


“Norm, once again Thanks for the instruction, input, and advise you and your coaches (Don, Deb, and her husband who’s name just slipped my mind) gave to me during the intro to level one class. I took a lot home with me and look foward to taking the Level one class in the future. I’m also getting in touch with you to keep me in mind when the high visibility sights (like yours) come in. Can’t wait to put a set on my M&P. Thanks again”

— DeWayne P.


“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experience you and Pat provided our group! We all were so thrilled with the class and several have already talked about taking your level 1 course possibly with our husbands. Nadine and I would like to come to the range sometime to try some different guns. Would you be able to assist us with that? Also, Amy Weidner, who is the principal at St. Michael School in Plymouth will be contacting you to discuss the possibility of you visiting our campus to make safety recommendations and also maybe give the teachers some instruction. Again, thanks for a great weekend. I look forward to the next!”

— Lynndi


“I just want you to know how much I am enjoying the class - despite the stupid things I have done and despite all my gun jams - I am having a blast and want you to know what a great instructor you are. Thanks much for everything. ”

— Pam H.


“Thanks for putting together the Hojutsu seminar. It was better than I anticipated. I’m sure a lot of work and effort was necessary to make the schedule and locations run like clockwork. It was a great group of guys and a good time.

I know that I haven’t been able to make practices to be dedicated to improving. I have a lot on my plate with work and building a business. But, seeing the persons and martialist, that Soke and Shihan are: I would like to be better about investing some time in getting better. As you build the group, if you have a consistent day of the week or month, I know that I could schedule things better if that works for others as well

Additionally, if you have the information for Shihan, regarding his dojo and location, can you please forward it to me.

Thanks for everything and you bringing the art to us,”

— Orlando


“Thanks Norm! Was a great session and I am grateful to have you as a teacher and friend!”

— Mary D.


“I just completed an intensive, 16-hour course in Defensive Hangun Level 1 with Norm at Defensive Solutions, LLC, and found it to be excellent training! I went in with a modicum of knowledge and experience in handgun safety and shooting, and emerged with a new confidence in my abilities to defend myself and my family. I highly recommend the training to anyone at any level of experience. Norm WILL make you better!”

— Don M.


“Jack and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed class last night. The way you transitioned us into ultimately shooting in the dark.......FANTASTIC! And we both were pleased with our improved accuracy as well. Yes, we know, practice, practice, practice. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!”

— Jackson


The best reason to practice at the gun range? So, you don’t have to shoot your gun!

Two weeks before Christmas when everyone was out shopping, I found myself in a Grocery Store. I parked all the way on the side of the lot backing my car in. Why I was paying in line I used OnStar on my phone to start up my car. Once I got into my car, I noticed someone laying on the ground behind the car next to me. I was not sure what had happened so from inside my car I called 911. Asking that an officer and maybe an ambulance be dispatched to my location. I put my phone on speaker in my pocket and got out of my car to see what was going on.

When I came around the back of my car, I noticed the small window of the car parked next to me had been broken. Then the man lying on the ground had A crowbar in his hand and a gun in the small of his back. At that point I realized this guy was trying to steal the car next to me. When I used my remote start inside the store it scarred him. He was hiding on the ground not realizing the back of his hoody moved up and was not covering his gun anymore. I then drew my gun by the time this guy looked up it was straight at my gun.

Thanks to the training I received at Defensive Solutions LLC classes from Norm Hood. I knew what to do and was able to take control of the situation. It was almost like I was reading from a book. I said in a load firm voice “Do not move I see the gun in the small of your back and I will defend myself." I had already given the 911 operator my location. I followed that up with a complete description of this guy. "Red tennis shoes, Blue jeans, A Glock in the small of his back, White T-shirt, and grey hoody. Male with black hair in his late 30's. I then gave a description of myself and my car. The 911 operator then told me officers are on their way. This guy never said a word and never moved a muscle.

I took note of the area If this became a gun fight, I could not shoot if he got to his feet. Because I would be shooting into 4 lanes of traffic.

Then police cars came into the grocery store parking lot at the same time from the east and west side of the parking lot. Once the officers had him covered, I put my gun down on the back of my car. I put my hands in the air and moved to the front of my car. I was also ready to be handcuffed and was ok with it. The police need to secure the scene for their own and my protection. Because I give the 911 operator enough information and descriptions of the bad guy and myself the officers knew who the threat was. Right after the officers had this guy in handcuffs and it was safe. A police officer let me know it was ok to put my hands down and just told had me to holster my gun.

In the end what I had learned let me control this situation. This guy was charged with possession of a firearm without a permit and breaking into the car. No charges were filed against him dealing with me. Why because he never moved or said a word he just listened to my commands.

The next day when I had time to think about it. I was surprised by everything I had learned at the gun range that didn’t involve shooting. The truth is it helped me stay out of a fight.

1-Calling 911 and leaving the phone on speaker. That way I had a recording of the events to back up my side if they came into question.

2-Staying calm and giving as much information about the situation to the police so they know what they are walking into.

3-Knowing how to describe the bad guy but also myself to the 911 operator over the phone. (Seems simple but have you ever tried to put it into words?)

4-The police will not know who the good guy or bad guy is. The best thing I could do is not be a threat, so the officers could deal with the bad guy. By putting my gun away and my hands in the air.

5-Staying aware of my surroundings. I am responsible for every round I fire.

— R.F.