Our Mission

DEFENSIVE SOLUTIONS LLC specializes in promoting firearm safety for all individuals, from the novice gun owner desiring to learn how to properly operate a weapon system to the advanced user desiring to hone skills. DEFENSIVE SOLUTIONS LLC offers a variety of classes in firearms safety and weapons handling. A professional instructor providing quality training in the following defensive weapons courses: Hojutsu-Ryu, the Martial Art of Shooting, concealed carry, defensive handgun training, defensive revolver training, defensive shotgun training, Ladies only defensive handgun training, tactical carbine training, Youth Classes, varied NRA established courses, OC (pepper spray) Training, ASP expandable baton training, less-lethal, situational awareness and unarmed control techniques. Private lessons are available.

In today's society, it is likely that you or someone you know will be required to protect themselves or their family. DEFENSIVE SOLUTIONS LLC provides you with the knowledge, skills and equipment to do so, both safely and effectively!

We work closely with other Professional Instructors and Organizations, knowledgeable members of the firearm’s industry, members of the Church Security Alliance, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, South Bend Police, St. Joseph County Police, Indiana State Troopers and Federal Marshals to provide you the best training within the state.

In addition, DEFENSIVE SOLUTIONS LLC offers quality equipment and accessory suggestions to keep you on top of your game. Products are top of the line, well respected and commonly used by law enforcement, military and security professionals other instructor’s and top competitors.

Since we say instructors, lets list the coaches, but make a title of “Coaches” as they aren’t instructors.