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Karate basics for Hojutsu-Ryu students

  • Midweat Karate Academy 3612 Mishawaka Avenue South Bend, IN, 46615 United States (map)

The goal of these sessions is to improve balance, coordination, relaxation and fundamental striking skills to bolster the Hojutsu students’ hand to hand ability. I will instruct kihon hojo undo, which is fundamental repetitive striking / blocking in the 3 main regions (high, center, and low) and kicking using front kick, side kick, and roundhouse kick. We will drill on those items, and also the first 7 kihon kata. In kihon kata, we take the bedrock techniques of stepping, striking, and breath control and combine them into sequential movement.


Class time will be Thursday evenings from 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm, following our regular Kobudo classes. Drop in fee will be $5 per student per session.