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Handgun 1, Lakeville, IN $125

  • 13665 West 1st Road Lakeville, IN, 46536 United States (map)

DEFENSIVE HANDGUN 1 This eight hour basic instructional course covers firearm safety, basic marksmanship (loading magazines/speed loaders, stance, grip, trigger manipulation, correct use of sights), and proper gun handling skills. This course includes lecture, hands-on use of nonfunctioning training guns, manipulating student’s handgun with non-firing “dummy” ammunition, progressing to shooting drills with live ammunition. Information on proper fit and selection of handguns, ammunition, holsters and other equipment to avoid costly mistakes will also be covered. This course may be customized to accommodate groups, i.e. families, young adults, ladies only, and physically challenged individuals.

Minimum Required Equipment

                  Good Attitude

                  Valid Driver’s License, Current Concealed Carry Permit or Background check

                  Pistol or revolver: Full size, 9mm or larger caliber

                  Holster: Sturdy outside the waistband strong side belt-holster covering trigger guard (no nylon holsters)

                  Pistol Magazines: 2 minimum preferably 3, revolver speed loader minimum 3

                  Belt Magazine Carrier

                  STURDY Belt, Baseball cap or visor, Closed toe footwear, clothing appropriate for the range environment

                  Eye & Ear protection