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Carbine Operator's course w/Jeff Hall

  • 13665 West 1st Road Lakeville, IN, 46536 United States (map)

Force Options is offering a two day defensive rifle class. This class is designed for the new to basic shooter who needs to learn or improve rifle capabilities; experienced shooters will build speed and accuracy..

The shooter will learn nomenclature, safety rules, basic shooting positions, and how to zero the rifle. The shooter will learn to load, chamber a round, fire accurately, both speed and tactical reloads, and how to clear malfunctions. The shooter will engage targets from 5 to 50 yards and beyond. A thorough discussion of equipment, modifications, and accessories will inform the student as to what is needed, and what is nice to have.

Although built around the AR platform, any defensive rifle is acceptable, from .22LR to .223 to 7.62x39. Lever actions, bolt actions, and AK variants can all participate.

Location: Lakeville, IN Training Facility

Ammunition required: 800 rounds (approx.)

Cost: $300