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Hojutsu Mini Seminar, Troy, OH $100

  • Defensive Training Solutioins 2855 Stone Circle Drive Troy, OH, 45373 United States (map)

In this 2 day seminar Sensei Norman Hood, We will work on Open hand Martial Arts Techniques, such as a proper punch, a proper front kick, a proper knee strike. We will also work on the Hojutsu Kata, and gun retention techniques.

As we are working in "the Art of Gunnery" no Hojutsu workshop would be complete without some range time with live fire. During the range portion of this course we will work on learning the Modern Technique. We will be teaching the proper grip, stance, presentation from a holster, accurate shooting, accurately shooting multiple shots on target, accurately shooting multiple zones on a target, and multiple targets, and finally malfunction clearing.

Students should arrive at the Dojo (classroom) in comfortable work out cloths, or a Gi. 1st time students do not need to have a Gi. Returning students will be required to show up in the proper attire. You will also need to have a belt, holster, and blue training gun. If you do not have a blue training gun or holster, contact Defensive Training Solutions for a special price on them as a Hojutsu student.

Class will begin promptly at noon on April 23rd at the Classroom. We will spend day one in the dojo. We will split day 2 between Dojo and Range time as needed based upon the skills of the students in the class. 

Plan on shooting at least 300-400 rounds